Soups & Salads

Sopa de Marisco

Seafood soup with
shrimp, clams, mussels
and sole fish in tomato broth

$ 10
Soup Du Jour

Soup of the day: Chicken, Collard Green & Chorizo, Bean and Potatoes, or Chefs Special

$ 4
Ensalada Romana

Fresh romaine hearts, manchego cheese, croutons, garlic manchego dressing

$ 9
Ensalada de la Casa

Spring mix salad, tomatoes, red onions, goat cheese, romesco with red wine dressing

$ 9

Cold Tapas

Jamón Ibérico
World Famous Serrano Ham
$ 25
Embutidos y Quesos

Variety of Spanish Cheeses, Iberian Hams and Chorizo

$ 18
Queso Manchego

Spanish imported cheese
& tomato bread

$ 12
Pan Boli

Iberian Serrano ham, manchego cheese over toasted bread with fresh garlic tomato sauce.

$ 10
Pulpo a la Vinagreta

Fresh Octopus salad in vinaigrette dressing

$ 18

Fresh anchovies
in a garlic escabeche

$ 10

Hot Tapas

Calamares ala Plancha

Grilled squid, onions comfit & lemon

$ 12
Rock and Roll Shrimp

Jumbo Shrimp in a cream, onion & thyme sauce

$ 13
Huevos Estrellados

Fried potatoes, eggs, imported Spanish pork chorizo

$ 9
Piquillos con Centollo

Piquillo peppers stuffed with crab meat, béchamel, in a tomato sauce

$ 9
Calamares Fritos

Tender calamari rings, club soda batter with three sauces

$ 12
Almejas Marineras

Sautéed clams in a brandy shrimp broth

$ 12
Empanadillas de Pollo o Carne

Beef or Chicken Patties

$ 10
Gambas al Pil-Pil

Slightly spicy sautéed gulf shrimp, garlic, guindilla white wine

$ 10
Chorizo al Diablo

Spicy spanish smoked pork sausages in wine

$ 10
Almejas Koxkera

Sautéed clams, green peas, eggs and white wine sauce

$ 12

Seared scallops, cinnamon, aioli, paprika oil, potato comfit, romesco

$ 13
Camaron Relleno

Jumbo Shrimp stuffed with real crab meat stuffing

$ 12
Empanada Gallega

Baked pastry stuffed with Pork or Chicken or Cod Fish

$ 10
Patatas Bravas o Ali-oli

Potatoes in choice of spicy spanish sauce or garlic mayo sauce

$ 6
Gambas a la Plancha

Seared head on shrimp, rock sea salt and lemon

$ 10
Mejillones Tigres

Steamed mussels in a spicy tomato broth

$ 11
Alcachofas Romana

Fried artichoke hearts with a lemon aioli

$ 7
Esparragos a la Plancha

Grilled asparagus & romesco sauce

$ 9
Solomillo & Brie

Beef tenderloin, potato comfit, onions comfit, walnuts, honey & brie

$ 12
Salmon con Spinacas

Seared salmon with sautéed spinach, bechamel & white truffle oil

$ 11
Albondigas Espanolas

Meatballs in a roasted tomato sauce with crispy potatoes

$ 9
Pintxos Moruno

Marinated grilled lamb with lemon herbs

$ 8
Croquetas de Pollo y Queso

Chicken and cheese croquettes

$ 7
Rabo de Buey

Braised oxtail in a Tempranillo-paprika sauce

$ 12
Chilindron Tapas

Marinated chicken with roasted peppers in spicy tomato sauce

$ 9
Solomillo al Chimichurri

Beef tenderloin & tomato chimichurri "el bulli"

$ 12
Pulpo a la Feira

Octopus in extra virgin oil with paprika and sea salt

$ 18


Paella Diablo

Very spicy, shrimp, clams, mussels, chicken, chorizo, sofrito, saffron rice

$ 25 Per Person
Paella Valenciana

Lobster tail, shrimp, clams, mussels, chicken, chorizo, sofrito, saffron rice

$ 29 Per Person
Paella Marinera

Lobster, shrimp, mussels, clams, fish, sofrito, saffron rice

$ 28 Per Person
Paella de Pollo

Chicken, chorizo, green peas, roasted red peppers, sofrito, saffron rice

$ 19 Per Person
Vegetable Paella

Seasonal vegetables, saffron rice

$ 16 Per Person
Paella Rosellat

Shrimp, sole fish, angel hair pasta, sofrito, aioli, paella pan style

$ 24 Per Person
Paella Negre

Calamari, crab meat, shrimp, sofrito, black ink rice

$ 23 Per Person

Paellas take a minimum of 30 minutes to prepare | portions are designed for two people | larger paellas can be made on request


Lenguado Riojano
Fresh filet of sole, roasted red peppers with white wine garlic
$ 19
Braised oxtail & fresh vegetables, red wine sauce
$ 18
Lobster tail, head-on shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, garlic lemon
$ 27
Sautéed shrimp, clams, mussels, fish, scallops, brandy shrimp broth
$ 24
Pollo Parrilla
Grilled half chicken, marinated & fresh herbs
$ 15
Pata de Cordero
Roasted lamb leg, grilled & lemon herbs
$ 19
Mar y Tierra
Surf and Turf, filet mignon, 5oz Brazillian lobster tail
$ 32
Pollo Chilindron
Marinated half chicken with roasted peppers in spicy tomato sauce
$ 16
Salmon con Salsa de Ajo
Salmon with corn, piquillo peppers & roasted garlic sauce
$ 20
Solomillo y Champiñones
Center cut filet mignon with roasted mushrooms sauce
$ 22
Pollo Relleno Con Espinacas y Camaron
Chicken stuffed with spinach and bechamel with jumbo head on shrimp.
$ 18
Colas de Langosta Rellenas
Twin 5oz Lobster Tails stuffed with crabmeat
$ (Market Price)


Arroz con Leche
Traditional Spanish rice pudding with caramel
$ 6
Chocolate Salted Caramel
Chocolate pudding & malt whipped cream
$ 6
Churros con Chocolate
Fried dough with sugar and dipping chocolate
$ 6
Crema Catalana
Homemade custard topped with crystallized sugar
$ 6
Tres Leches
Sponge cake soaked with three milks and fresh fruit filling
$ 6
Banana Pudding
Banana pudding cream with chocolate almond caramel
$ 6